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Clementina (clementine), was the first computer bought in Latin America. Clementina marked the beginning, in 1960, of an era of development for computer sciences and informatics in the continent. It was a milestone in the road to innovation.
Clementine is also a varietal of the mandarin. It's a fruit that is easy to eat; it is formed by individual sections that altogether form the unit.
This is what we want to offer to our clients: an innovative, yet simple and understandable product that is useful and provides value. That's why we don't only focus in programming, our product is more than just a complex code. We want to build a relation with our clients, understand the business, the organization, the problem and the need, to be able to offer a product that is useful and simple to use.
Nowadays, in a fully computerized world of restless innovation and advance of the new technologies, we want to restore the spirit of those pioneers that took a risk in buying Clementina and with that same spirit start today to build tomorrow, in a simple way... like a clementine.

Our team

We are a team of young graduates of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, devoted to develop applications and information systems. Our past as freelancers proved to us that a successful job needs to be integral, complementing skills and specialties with the goal of providing the best solution to our customers. That's why our team is formed by different profiles. This allows us to tackle all the critical aspects of a problem during the full development cycle. From elicitation, to testing and deploy, we're on it. The permanent and fluid contact that we have with the academic world keeps us constantly updated. We don't fear innovation and change. But we also want to listen to you. We don't just code. We understand your business, identify your requirements and solve your problem.


These are some of the technologies we like to use

We can help you translate your ideas and needs into an IT project. We can provide you with advice and/or take full responsibility of the management of requirements.
We design your system to be efficient, profitable, fault tolerant and, above all, according to your needs. From a web app, a mobile app, or a standalone system, to planning of your big scale architecture, we can help you.
Our versatility allows us to develop your ideas using the technologies that best suit your needs. We are not fundamentalists, what we know, we use, what we don`t know, we learn.
Maintenance & Testing
We`re obsessed with the quality of our work, that`s why we don`t spare resources when it comes to testing. This allows us to guarantee our products for the peace of mind of our clients.

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